Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Typo Mystery UPDATE

The message now reads thus;

Help me I hook Dean Failer proff

I am having a bit of trouble with the proff part. Cause proff is not really a word. But then it came to me. What if my brain is sending secret messages but -- stay with me here -- TYPO-ED THE MESSAGE!?! What if my brain meant prof, but accidentally added that extra stutter "f " at the end? PROF is a word. It's short for professor. AND, get this kids, I am in law school... Law school where we have BOTH A Dean and Profs and the opportunity to fail! I'm the failer? Who is the Prof??

And most importantly what kind of hook are we talking here? I think this means I am either about to trade sex for grades or become one of those psycho killers ("... and when they got home that night there was this hook dangling from the car handle!! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!").

Oh DEAR. It looks inevitable. Stay tuned for updates.

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