Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Plame Case Expanding?
I missed this, too. But Susie found it at Daily Kos:
Recent reports in the Valerie Plame case have revolved around informed speculation that the investigation has expanded from the original leaker to a probe of the larger administration effort to disseminate the information—specifically, that Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is pursuing perjury and/or obstruction charges against administration officials who lied about their roles in the affair. Thus, Fitzgerald needs the testimony of Cooper and Miller not as direct evidence against the leaker himself, but as the final link in proof of a larger coverup of the crime. (For recent overviews see here and here.)
Go to the Kos link for more.
Bush Speech -- Short Version
No I didn't listen to it. I don't shoot smack or huff lighter fluid, either. That shit's bad for you.

But back to our topic, it seems like Bush's major motive, besides trying to convince us that all those hundreds of billions of dollars and thousand of dead and wounded are worth it, was to cover his ass. He distinguished between the "terrorists" and the "insurgents." That way he can say that we're only negotiating with insurgents. We are not negotiating with terrorists.

Definitions of convenience. If they run, they're VC. If they're dead, they're VC.

Thanks to Billmon for the clarity.

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